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-Here is {{:wiki:cij-mobilesecuritytalk.pdf|the talk}} I gave at the Centre for Investigative Journalism "​Introduction to Digital Security"​ talk. If you'd like to contact me, please do. E-mail me at ​+====== Introduction to mobile security ====== 
 +Here is {{cij-mobilesecuritytalk.pdf|the talk}} I gave at the [[http://​​about-cij|Centre for Investigative Journalism's]] [[http://​​events/​2013-03-25/​introduction-digital-security|"​Introduction to Digital Security"​ talk]] held on the 25th of March, 2013 
 +If you'd like to contact me, please do. E-mail me at <>. If you'd like to encrypt your e-mail with PGP, [[http://​​files/​ei8fdb.sig|you'​ll need my key]]. You can also find it on [[http://​​11371/​pks/​lookup?​op=get&​search=0x15616E8587EC672A|the MIT PGP keyserver]]. 
 +Also, thanks to Alec Muffet who acted as my [[http://​​wiki/​Greek_chorus|Greek chorus]]. He has a wonderful talk about data hygiene called [[http://​​alecmuffett/​sex-lies-and-instant-messenger|"​Sex Lies and Instant Messenger"​]]. Go and read it. And then [[https://​​AlecMuffett|follow him on Twitter]].
-My PGP key is [[http://​​files/​ei8fdb.sig|available for download]]. 
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