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What is OONI-Probe?

OONI is the Open Observatory for Network Interference. Its aim is to collect high quality data using open methodologies and FL/OSS to share observations and data about the kind, methods and amount of surveillance and censorship in the world. In other words to answer questions:

  1. Is my network traffic being tampered with?
  2. Are there any content restrictions and if so, what is being blocked?
  3. What filtering technique is being used? How is the content being blocked? What software/hardware is being used


How does it run on a RPI?

Firstly, a RPI is a reasonably low powered machine, but still enough to run as a desktop machine.

To investigate how the rpi deals with ooni-probe I ran 10 concurrent HTTP_request tests to see its performance. I started each test with 60 seconds delay between each.

This is a list of the tests carried out and the output during the tests.

Bugs and bad things

Sometimes when you run ooni-probe the tests will fail. This is due to the Tor client not able to get its own IP address if all the descriptors have been cached. A work around is explained on #ooni by aagbsn.

Additional information

OONI-Probe technical information

General information

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