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 +**NB:** As I understand it, the UK government have required UK based ISPs to block HTTP access to http://​
 +This test would fail, presumably, but should it fail as it has below? Keep in mind that I have 8 other tests being carried out at the same time as this one.
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-(ooni-probe)pi@raspberrypi ~/​bin/​ooni-probe $ ./​bin/​ooniprobe nettests/​blocking/​ -u http://​​+(ooni-probe)pi@raspberrypi ~/​bin/​ooni-probe $ ./​bin/​ooniprobe nettests/​blocking/​ ​ 
 +-u http://​​
 [D] No test deck detected [D] No test deck detected
 [D] processing options [D] processing options
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