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The purpose of this project is to eventually have multiple connectivity links to 3GPP mobile operators for the purpose of running Ooni probes over their networks individually.

To do this, I need to start and install, configure and setup one 3G modem. From reading Internet documentation about which 3G modems are supported by Debian in general, I've decided to use my two Huawei modems - 1 Huawei E220 and 1 Huawei E172.

Setup 3G Modem on Debian

To make installation and configuration of APNs as easy as possible, I am going to follow these steps from Terence Eden's blog. In order to make my life easier, I'll archive his steps:

  1. Use a powered USB hub! The 3G radio takes more power than the Pi's USB sockets can supply.
  2. Install the ppp package.
    • sudo apt-get install ppp
  3. Install sakis (which is described as “the All-In-One script for connecting 3G modem”)
  4. When you have sakis3g running, you can then look for the operator you are connected to and configure it via the menuing system.
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