1. sm said…

    > Speaking as a user living in Europe where I have unlimited (almost) SMS’s, I don’t mind if it is sent over SMS or PUSH.

    You are a exception then many European have a limited monthly SMS usage. it is important to know which way the data flow.

  2. bernard said…

    Hi SM,

    Yes good point. It is true that different European countries have different SMS bundles.

    The real question was, which is more important to know:

    A. if the message was transmitted privately
    B. how the message was transmitted?

  3. sm said…

    a, b in that order.

    For A: even if over whispersync, I would still like to see confirmation of encryption.. I would also rather lock icons over color to differentiate encryption or not. It is instantly understood by all (or at least most). To be honest I had to google to find what colors meant

    For B: it’s more informational and could be done away with or have an option to enable it.

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