About me

Hello! I’m Bernard Tyers, a user experience professional.

My work focuses on user research, interaction design, and open source software. I’m a technology professional with 18+ years experience.

My main work focuses are user researcher, interaction design, and open source software.

Where possible I work on projects where privacy, security, and identity are important aspects.

I helped found the Open Source Design collective 1)Open Source Design website https://www.opensourcedesign.net, a growing group of designers advocating for more user-centred design involvement in the open source software community.

In a previous life I was an engineer, in reverse order; telecommunications networks engineer with Nokia (then Nokia Siemens Networks), systems administrator with various companies, and starting out as a technician building electronics in academia.

I’m a member of the ACM 2)Association of Computing Machinery https://www.acm.org/, UXPA 3)User Experience Professionals Association https://www.uxpa.org/, and ORG 4)Open Rights Group https:/www.openrights.org.uk.

My most prestigious awards include honorary President of the Guinness Monday Club, and Boy Scout of the year, 1989. 🙂

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1. Open Source Design website https://www.opensourcedesign.net
2. Association of Computing Machinery https://www.acm.org/
3. User Experience Professionals Association https://www.uxpa.org/
4. Open Rights Group https:/www.openrights.org.uk