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==== Work around for the bug where Tor client doesn't know its own IP address and causes tests to fail. ==== <code> 23:26 < blueboxthief> data_dir: data_dir: ~/.tor/ 23:26 < blueboxthief> and ~/.tor exists.. 23:27 < aagbsn> try commenting that out and run again 23:27 < blueboxthief> Ok, strange thing is that it worked before... 23:27 < aagbsn> there is a bug where the tor client doesn't get its own IP if it has all the descriptors cached 23:27 < blueboxthief> as in worked for the first time and then failed.. 23:27 < aagbsn> hellais: might know the ticket # . . . 23:29 < blueboxthief> seems better 23:29 < aagbsn> :) 23:29 < blueboxthief> There we go.. 23:29 < aagbsn> we should probably document that option with a #XXX broken or something 23:29 < aagbsn> though fetching the descriptors every ooni launch isn't ideal either 23:29 < blueboxthief> "[D] Obtained our IP address from a Tor Relay None" . . . 23:35 < aagbsn> btw, if you see a Traceback in your ooniprobe.log, that's not supposed to happen, and indicates a bug, not a test failure (well could be both) 23:35 < aagbsn> you'll see a line like "Traceback (most recent call last)" 23:37 < aagbsn> if you do encounter those, the most helpful thing to do is paste that output into a ticket with component ooni </code>

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