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====== What is OONI-Probe? ====== OONI is the Open Observatory for Network Interference. Its aim is to collect high quality data using open methodologies and FL/OSS to share observations and data about the kind, methods and amount of surveillance and censorship in the world. In other words to answer questions: - Is my network traffic being tampered with? - Are there any content restrictions and if so, what is being blocked? - What filtering technique is being used? How is the content being blocked? What software/hardware is being used ===== Installation ===== ---- - [[oonirasponaberrypi-basicrequirements|Installing basic system requirements]] - [[oonirasponaberrypi-installtor|Install Tor]] - [[oonirasponaberrypi-virtualenv|Install & configure Python virtual environment]] - [[oonirasponaberrypi-installooniprobe|Installing ooni-probe]] - [[oonirasponaberrypi-geoip|Configure GeoIP data for reports]] - [[oonirasponaberrypi-firstrun|Running ooni-probe for the first time]] - [[oonirasponaberrypi-proofofoperation|Proof of operation test - HTTP requests to]] - [[oonirasponaberrypi-ooniprobeconf|My ooniprobe.conf file]] - [[oonirasponaberrypi-pythondeps|Installing Python dependancies]] ===== How does it run on a RPI? ===== ---- Firstly, a RPI is a reasonably low powered machine, but still enough to run as a desktop machine. To investigate how the rpi deals with ooni-probe I ran 10 concurrent [[|HTTP_request]] tests to see its performance. I started each test with 60 seconds delay between each. [[oonirasponaberrypi-benchmarks|This is a list of the tests]] carried out and the output during the tests. ===== Bugs and bad things ===== ---- Sometimes when you run ooni-probe the tests will fail. This is due to the Tor client not able to get its own IP address if all the descriptors have been cached. [[ooniraspberrypi-bugsbadthings|A work around is explained on #ooni]] by aagbsn. ===== Additional information ===== ---- ==== OONI-Probe technical information ==== * [[|Ooni-Probe documentation]] * [[|Presentation outlining OONI-Probe]] * [[|Ooni Probe on Github]] * [[|OONI paper presented at Usenix FOCI (Free and Open Communications on the Internet) conference 2012]] * [[|Spec. for OONI-Probe tests]] * [[| Tor Project Ticket Logging System]] ==== General information ==== * [[|Ooni-Probe Project]] * [[|Indepth presentation on OONI-Probe]] * [[|Latest reports]] * [[|Forbes article outlining its purpose and goals]]

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