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 ====== Welcome to ====== ====== Welcome to ======
 +Currently, I'm a freelance Interaction Designer working on a mobile application project with Amnesty International. Before that I was a UI designer for an Internet company. ​
-While this is a wiki, have disabled registration by anyoneI've spent too many hours getting rid of spambot accounts from my wikis+am studying for my MSc in Human Computer Systems in City University LondonMy dissertation is on the subject ​of [[mscdissertation|mental models, usability of PET (privacy enhancing tools) software]]
-If you want an account hereplease contact me.+For 7 years I was a mobile telecoms engineer working for a large telecoms vendor (from where Santa Claus lives). Before that I was a systems adminand a network admin for various Internet companies. Previous to that, I was an electronics technician working for a university research centre.
 +I am passionate about using mobile technology for good causes. I am also passionate about removing a lot of the BS from the technology world - it's not magic.
 +The (non technology) loves in life are my partner, the curious country of Spain, fiesta of San Fermín, good wine, good food, and photography.
 +If you want to get in touch, please [[contactme-bernard|contact me]].
 +  * this is a test
 +  * [[accessmyinfoukie|Installing Access My Info on local test server]]
 +While this is a wiki, I have disabled registration by anyone. I've spent too many hours getting rid of spambot accounts from my wikis. ​
 ==== Projects ==== ==== Projects ====
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   * [[unlock3gmodems|Unlocking 3G modems]]   * [[unlock3gmodems|Unlocking 3G modems]]
   * [[talks|Talks]]   * [[talks|Talks]]
 +  * [[mscdissertation|MSc in HCI dissertation]]
 +  * [[Usable security and encryption]]
 +  * [[Conferences]]
 +  * [[ixd|Interaction Design]]
 +  * [[audioarchive|Audio Recording Archive]]
 +  * [[surveillancelegalinterception|Surveillance and LEA]]
 +  * [[stf|where my stuff lives]]
 +===== Useful links =====
 +  * [[http://​|My shared files]] (mostly about interaction design, usability, user research, privacy, encryption, photography,​ Spain, mobile technologies)
 +  * [[usable_security_and_encryption|blork]]
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