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====== Welcome to ====== Currently I'm a UI designer for an Internet company. I am studying for my MSc in Human Computer Systems in City University London. My dissertation is on the subject of mental models, usability of PET (privacy enhancing tools) software. Before that, I was a mobile telecoms engineer working for a large telecoms vendor (from where Santa Claus lives). Before that I was a systems admin, and a network admin for various Internet companies. Previously, I was an electronics technician working for a university research centre. I am passionate about using mobile technology for good causes. I am passionate about bringing technology to people, and allowing them make decisions on how to use it. The (non technology) loves in life are my partner, the curious country of Spain, fiesta de San Fermín, good wine, good food, and photography. If you want to get in touch, please [[contactme-bernard|contact me]]. ---- While this is a wiki, I have disabled registration by anyone. I've spent too many hours getting rid of spambot accounts from my wikis. ==== Projects ==== * [[raspberrypi|Raspberry Pi]] * [[aprs|APRS]] * [[unlock3gmodems|Unlocking 3G modems]] * [[talks|Talks]] * [[mscdissertation|MSc in HCI dissertation]] * [[Usable security and encryption]]

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