Open Rights Group London: Myles Jackman – Criminalisation of Extreme Pornography talk

ORG London October meeting: Myles Jackman – Criminalisation of Extreme Pornography (releveled) by Bernard Tyers on Mixcloud This is my recording of the Open Rights Group London October talk on the criminalisation of extreme pornography. The talk was a fascinating of the criminalising of sexual material. Myles Jackman – @ObscenityLawyer – will be talking about […]

My notes on today’s BBC Radio 4 Digital Human episode on “risk”.

Digital Human: Risk (Series 6 Episode 1) by Bernard Tyers on Mixcloud Today’s Digital Human 1)BBC Radio 4 Digital Human Programme with Aleks Krotoski covered human perception of risk in the “online age”. “Our brains are still running security software designed to protect us against lions, tigers and bears and we haven’t run an update […]

FOSDEM 2015: Call For Papers on Open Source Design

For the first time ever, FOSDEM 1)What is FOSDEM has accepted an Open Source Design devroom proposal! It is a full day of talks about design work on free, libre and open source projects taking place Sunday, February 1st, 2015, in Brussels 2)Where is FOSDEM taking place?. The devroom is open to all who are […]