is blocked from LycaMobile ES

Dear LycaMobile, please unblock access to The blocking seems to be at the DNS level. I’m sure this blocking is not intentional – more likely a mistake in configuration, a change in DNS somewhere, and no-one has reported it. I’ve signed up for a LycaMobile Pay-as-you-go SIM account, and registered our personal details (purchasing […]

Mainstream Internet comes to Tor – who’s next?

A couple of years ago I started a list of organisations I thought should run Tor relays or exit nodes. I found it again this weekend. Organisations who should run Tor nodes (exit or relay): (ordered by likelihood of it happening) Mozilla EFF Amnesty International Privacy International Reuters (for their journalists and correspondents and for […]

Open Rights Group London: Myles Jackman – Criminalisation of Extreme Pornography talk

ORG London October meeting: Myles Jackman – Criminalisation of Extreme Pornography (releveled) by Bernard Tyers on Mixcloud This is my recording of the Open Rights Group London October talk on the criminalisation of extreme pornography. The talk was a fascinating of the criminalising of sexual material. Myles Jackman – @ObscenityLawyer – will be talking about […]