Suggested (small) change for EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere UI

The EFF 1)Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Tor Project 2)Tor Project have developed a very useful add-on for web browsers, called HTTPS Everywhere 3)HTTPS Everywhere on What is HTTPS Everywhere and what does it do? It is a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, and Opera) extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making […]

Textsecure: How to represent message transport in message flow?

Here are some thoughts from today about a discussion we had on Twitter about representing a message property in a messaging app UI. I’ve tried to make it as coherent as possible. I may have failed. Hopefully not. What is TextSecure? Textsecure is the excellent SMS and data messaging app 1)Textsecure on Wikipedia from WhisperSystems […]