Amazon “purchase MP3 album” dark pattern?

This morning I was listening to some Divine Comedy while I was working. I realised I didn’t have the album in full, so I thought I’d buy it online in MP3 format.
Purely due to muscle memory I always go to Amazon. I really should get better a buying music from other places.

So I searched for the album. Up it popped, in CD format. That’s OK, I know I can choose MP3 format.

After 2-3 clicks I then realise I’m somewhere completely different and am being offered their streaming instead for £7.99. How did that happen. So I back track…
Is this a dark pattern?

In case you can’t see it: I click on the button labeled “MP3 £7.99” and am brought to a page where the “Streaming unimited” button is selected.

This happens repeatedly.


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