Twitter doesn’t like toe-pr0n

This evening I tried to send a tweet saying:

“Understanding cryptography for my non-crypto brain ain’t easy. Thankfully I’ve got lots of Sharpies. #security #ux”

I tried to attach this photo –

Crypto photo tweet - with the offending toe
Twitter blocked me from uploading this image because (I am assuming) there was “naked skin” in frame. That or they think my toe is ugly.

I received “unknown error” 4 times. Initially I thought it was due to image size, it was ~ 3MB. So I scaled it down to ~500KB and tried again. It still didn’t work.

Eventually, I thought – they’re not blocking it due to my naked toe, are they?

So I tried again, this time cropping out the offending naked, bodily appendage.

Surprise, surprise, it worked!

So, Twitter are blocking naked skin, even disconnected big toes. That’s going a bit overboard, eh Twitter? There is no sense in censoring that.

much skin
such toe
very censor
so naked


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