Reading list & useful things I found for 12-18 August

Interesting things to read

The Diversity Redemption

Do you write a blog? Do you have opinions about things? If so, your “honest opinion” is defined by legislation (in the UK).

You are not a brand; Thank God someone finally said it.


Ashley Fowler from @USABLE_tools reiterated during “Designing for extreme risks” workshop that a common problem is that developers design tools primarily for themselves and not for a specific user group #SOUPS2019

@n0gat on Twitter quoting Ashley Fowler from Internew Usable Tools project

Security and privacy

How to effectively use a Password Managers; a nice article about research from CyLab at Carnagie Mellon University presented at SOUPS 2019 (Why people don’t use password managers effectively).

New software

Drama; “is a Mac app for designing animations and prototyping user interaction. It allows you to create an entire structure of interconnected Scenes with transitions between them and then run a simulation of such prototype.”

Blueprint; “Blueprint is a React-based UI toolkit for the web.”

Protect you Nextcloud account; using Confidential Technology’s 2FA Hardware token authentication. This means a Nextcloud user can protect their account with a physical hardwre device combined with their password. And the software is open source.


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