Reading list & useful things I found for 19-25 August


We need to talk about dyslexia at work; a nice blogpost about dyslexia in the work place and how to improve support for people who live and work with dyslexia.


User Research

A beginners guide to getting into user research; A ma-hoosive list of resources (in the form of a note) about how to start doing user research.


Lámh signing system; the manual sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland. With Lámh, speech is always used with signs and only key words in a sentence are signed. (Lámh is the Irish word for hand)

Events, and conferences

IXDA International Interaction Design Day, 24th September. There’s a list of all the worldwide events. Details about the London event (09:00-18:00) in Foolproof’s offices, in London are available.


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