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  • Somewhere, this is true.

    We all know some horrible software application, some horrible website where this password policy is enforced. YOUR PASSWORD MUST CONTAIN A DYING WOMAN'S LAST BREATH, THREE MYSTIC RUNES, AND THE SECRET NAME OF GOD — ugh, alchemy jokes (@tehaveragejoel) August 13, 2014 Death to stupid password policies.

  • Lorrie Faith Cranor on usable passwords

    An excellent TEDx talk by Lorrie Faith Cranor ((Lorrie Faith Cranor’s website)) on passwords used by users. It’s a combination of some of her previous research into passwords used by users. Cited research: Correct horse battery staple: Exploring the usability of system-assigned passphrases ((Shay, Patrick Kelley, Komanduri, Mazurek, Ur, Vidas et al))

  • I miss the days when “password” was a good password!

    From Joy of Tech comic strip. I’m not exactly sure “password” was ever a good password. I think it was more a case of the majority of people choosing not to exploit bad passwords.