Technology and humans

There are deeper fears, people are afraid technology will make them less free, make them less powerful in a personal way.

And that’s entirely possible. And in fact there are lost of good examples of that, the defence industry being a major one.

Technology can also empower. You can take that argument all the way back and say that the first apelike humanoid who used a tool, was the guy who put the first nail in our coffin. It’s not my arm it’s a hammer! Does that mean I’ve lost power to the hammer? Or does that mean I can build a cathedral?

The question is not is the medium intriensically evil or scary, the question is whether or not we have a culture, and a society and a group of artists who can rise to the occasion of using it in a way that enhances us.”

Dr. Brenda Laurel
42m 20s, Cyberpunk: 1990


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